Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Join or Not To join ????

Hmm.. macam2  jenis respond yang aku dapat when it comes to promoting the VeMMa business. Ada yang tak minat, tak pandai IT, takde internet connection, susah nak carik orang, produk bole jual ke tidak, dan macam2 lagi la yang aku dah dapat. Whatever it is, for me it  all revolves around a question of decision making. Most of those who came up with the reason, has already made up their decision whether to join or otherwise. The reason is just to clarify why they dont wanna join. Perhaps they wanna play safe or they wanna be secure with what they have and hey.. i dont blame them for that. nway, today i spoke to 1 of my prospect through FB. Aku explain kat dia dalam lebih kurang 15 min tentang business nie, and he  threw few question yang basic.ok. he seemed convinced with the biz plan, compensation plan,package offered etc. Its just that dia nak jumpa ngan aku, perhaps dia nak pastikan yang aku wujud , biz wujud bukan scam , ade office kat Malaya nie. Aku terus minta dia unutk hadirkan diri ke Biz Preview di VeMMA off di Jaya One malam nie . Aku pun happy jugak kalau prospek2 nie peg ke Biz preview, so that diaorang leh tanye leader2 yang ade di HQ tentang sebarang kemusykilan. Insyallah, kalau ade rezki tak kemana....join ke tidak...kita tunggu next post..salam


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